The Anguished Barber’s name derives from the English subtitle of the 1934 Salvador Dali work entitled: “Barber Saddened by the Persistence of Good Weather.” Inspired by not only the painting’s color scheme, but it’s 1930’s era. The name pays homage to Midtown Atlanta’s Arts District, the epicenter of major venues, award winning performances, and the ever changing exhibits at museums.

Upon entering the barbershop, customers witness the era’s traditions within the architerior design of deep wood, brass metal, tuft leather, with a modern touch. Your experience transforms with the craft and skill of our barber services and bar offerings.

In our vision we believe good business is through accountability, character, culture, and distinction. Our mission is to create community spaces where people have enjoyable experiences, exceptional services, quality products, and luxury.

Our Company Values


Sustaining a business depends on talented individuals. As a business we are accountable for ourselves, the team, and our customers. We do what we promise.


We seek to cultivate an inclusive space within the shop and beyond the immediate communities. We support communities we occupy through collaborations, partnerships, and green practices. We want positive impact through our actions and add value to the city.


As a service provider, we strive for excellence in our staff’s skills and the products we carry. We take pride in what we do and we focus on quality in every aspect of the business.


We are honest with ourselves and others. We aim for consistency in all that we say and do. We do not compromise on the quality of work or values. Credibility earns the respect, and trust of our customers.